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me Greetings and welcome to my Cool and Kawaii Anime homepage. I am you hostess Vampiress. This homepage has been dedicated to the cute and cool things/character in anime. Most of the characters here have been nominated by otaku, like yourself, so if you think that there is someone or something that I should put on just e-me or sign my guestbook. I at college now and would have had more time for my page but recently my modem has broke down so I have limited access and won't be able to update that often. If you have any comments or think that I can improve any of my pages in any ay just drop me a note. BTW if there are any spelling mistakes or wrong info please tell me.

Thanks to those who have informed me about the "error" message received when trying to vote. Apparently the vote form name had changed and I was not informed by the server. I have now fixed the problem but if there are still any error messages please e-mail me.

Current Winners

Shampoo - Ranma 1/2
Tasuki - Fushigi Yuugi
Mokona - Magic Knight Rayearth
Heero Yuy - Gundam Wing

Home Home
This button will bring you back here. You'll get an overview of what the individual pages are about and learn a little about me *look above*.

Vote Form Voting Form
I have now moved all the voting to this page as it was slowing down the other pages too much. Also to make things simpler you now only choose one character or thing from each category that you think is the most kawaii or coolest. The characters will be ranked according to how many votes they recieve. I hope this makes things easier for anyone and if there are any suggestion feel free to e-me or sign my guestbook.

Girl Anime Girl
This page consists of anime girls nominate by otaku and friends to be cute. For each character, I have includes a picture, some info and a link to another page that has more info. The characters are ranked in order of cuteness.

Guy Anime Guys
This page consists of anime guys that are either cute or cool. For each character, there is a picture, some information and a link to another page that has more info. Again the characters are ranked in order of cuteness.

Miscellaneous Kawaii Furballs
Anything that is huggable can be voted for in this section. Like before you get to see a Kodak moment of the animal, some important info of their habits and a link to another page that has more info. This section is still really small (only four so far), and I would really appreciate it if someone would nominate more animals and give me some info on the animal or thing they vote for.

Links Ticket Master
Feel like checking out more anime or looking for cool web sites? Ticker Master will take you there. Of course I don't have all of the world's best links so if you find a totally cool anime or non-anime site that should be on my list, e-me and I'll add it on.

Gifs Gif Gallery
Don't you just luv those little pics that are constantly moving. Not only are some of them really cute, they are also really good to put on you web pages. They can range from anime characters rurouni to icons. java


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